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Pressure/Force /Relative Humidity/Position /Temp

Sensors- MEMS sensors - Piezopolymer Technology

component sensor technology for today OEM

Measurement Specialities is a leading designer and manufacturer of sensor technologies in silicon, Piezopolymer and multiple technologies for sensors.

Microfused pressure sensors; multiple dimencional microfused load cell OEM opportunities.
Using utilizes state-of-the-art silicon micromachininng technology to manufacture OEM components for physical measurement and control.

These products include silicon pressure sensors, accelerometers and silicon microstructures. Available Surface Mount technology and PC board mountable OEM.






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Heater & Insulation Technology


BH Thermal pioneered the use of resistance fabric heater technology and semiconductor grade heating solutions for gas abatement, liquid and gas transfer lines and highly controlled gas and liquid delivery with uniform temperature maintenance in the 1C.

BriskHeat offers custom researched thermal management solutions. We will bench test and thermal profile your system requirements in full dynamic configuration.

BriskHeat offers enabling technology in precise thermal management at elevated temperature of 150C - 350C (unsuitable for precise control in extruded silicon jacketing).

BirskHeat engineers can offer heating and insulation in multiple technoloiges for high density heat from 5 - 100 watts per 6.45 cm^2(sq in)

Etched foil technolgy in form factoring of Kapton, Silicone and Polyestor outer elements.






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Posifa Microsystems advanced thermal mems sensors

thermal flow die - suitable liquids and gases

low flow capable

differntail presure

mass flow

air velocity

diesel flow

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Displacement Sensors for Gap and Parallelism

Capacitec is a global technology company dedicated to advancing the capacitive principle of displacemnet measurement physics to its highest level in sensor design. Our scientific and industrial customers depend on us for precision movement detectors, part-dimensional sizing, thin gap sensors and strain extensometry for material strength testing. A realized claim of extremely high sensitivity to minute physical/mechanical changes and exceptional amplifier output stability support capacitive sensor applications, especially in severe environments of temperature, magnetic fields, high radiation and non-contact, non-intrusive applications.

Precision capacitive displacement sensor technology. Offering nanometric sensing precision under static and dynamic (DC to >20 kHz). OEM sensors for the most demanding displacement sensing applications. Custom designed sensor probe configurations < 1 mm (.040) - >12 mm (.500). Specialist in high temperature displacement sensing- to 1000C repeatability > .01% full-scale linearity > 0.2 % full scale. Specializing in disc drive and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Market Sectors

*Precision pararellism insemiconductor operations.

*Aerospace gap measuremnet

*Biomedical stages

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